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Get a UK Sim card delivered anywhere in the world.


All SIM cards allow you to share your data plan with others including computer connections.

Unlimited data

Our SIM cards can offer up to Unlimited Data plans and start from £5/month, can be activated/deactivated whenever free of charge and can have unlimited data, text and calls

LTE 4G Data Free

LTE 4G super speed is already active and you can use it straight away without any additional costs. Enjoy sharing London with your friends with the speed of 4G.

Order as many as you want

You can get quantity discount if you want to order for your friends and family. And remember GiffGaff numbers call each other for free.

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Get a UK SIM card delivered all over the world and get Mobile Internet, calls and free SMS.
UK Sim card delivered worldwide.

We deliver different UK Sim card as per your choise. Giffgaff is the cheapest UK mobile provider. GiffGaff plans are designed to help you to get unlimited data, minutes and texts to suit your monthly usage. will deliver their SIM cards to UK only. That's why we are here to help. We will deliver GiffGaff SIM cards outside of the UK, and it comes with £5.00 credit too. Here some benefits of getting a GiffGaff SIM Card...

  • Cheap to use in the EU

    Calls start at only 2p

  • Free calls on the same network

    Calling a GiffGaff number is 100% free

  • Up to unlimited data plans

    Data plans start at only £5

  • With a Three Sim card you can have free EU data Roaming

    On the Three network you do not pay data roaming in EU

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